About Japangie

This blog takes you through my adventures in Kyoto in both pictures and words. I aim to transport you to Kyoto and enrich your journey with a little history, a little folklore, my own experiences, and of course photos. I also offer plenty of travel advice for those actually coming to visit the great city of Kyoto. Occasionally I stray as far as Korea or Hong Kong.

I started this blog as a third year university student on my study abroad in Kyoto. My name is Angela but I have chosen to go by Angie アンジー in Japan as it is far more pronounceable, hence Japangie. I am currently living in England, having graduated my Japanese studies degree, but whenever I visit Japan I write new posts. 

A note on format: the Japanese characters that you see at the start of all my titles is simply the location of the story, going as broad as Japan 日本 or as narrow as the name of a specific temple. This is why the characters 京都 Kyoto, tend to appear often.

Feel free to contact me if you want any advice/ information about living in Japan!

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